My review of Solaris by Stanisław Lem

My rating 4.9

Although the book was written back in 1960, the last century, I must admit that I did not notice it at all. This book is a timeless masterpiece of science fiction. Everything we know about the universe in the book there is a review, not to speak of the human psyche that the writer brought to the last hidden parts of humanity. The book examines all. At the end of what we know about the universe, only tiny details and the man is not at all aware of what hidden in the vastness of the stars. The whole book permeated by challenging the planet Solaris, which is, in fact, a living being. For years, scientists theorize, that are falling like the cards because everything is known humankind just does not fit the mold that people imagined, and the various theories tried to explain. The story takes us on a space station Solaris, which has stationed three hundred meters above sea level. New Scientist Kelvin to take office at the station as a researcher planet. First, it reveals that the leader of the expedition was dead and that the other two members of the team are acting strangely. But soon will discover the reason for his materializes long-dead girl Harey. All his knowledge and love she felt for her coming to trial. The book I would recommend to all fans of science fiction, I enjoyed the author’s imagination.


My review of The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1) by Patrick Rothfuss

My rating 4.8

When you read a book of seven hundred pages in one breath and you go straight to a sequel that has a thousand pages, that just means one thing, the book is great. Writer Patrick Rothfuss, the reader retrieves into his fantasy world with the ease that you simply cannot let the book out of hand. Believe me that I had literally had to make it stop reading and sometimes in the early hours of the morning, and my dream was literally endangered. I honestly enjoyed his writing style, because I felt like the main character told me his story. Everything begins in a small inn located far from the main roads of the country’s kingdom with a very small population. The owner Kote his tavern carefully maintained for a few locals who are his constant guests and only a few travelers. But no one knows that he is the hero Kvothe about whom they always talk stories in the tavern because the story tells that he is dead. But at his inn, there is a Chronicle who begins to doubt that he is not just an inn owner. Chronicle somehow persuades him to tell his story, but Kvothe has his own terms that the Chronicle must adhere to. The Chronicle agrees to write his story in three days, and the story begins, but what he thinks is a common story will begin to grow into something more intricate, and the life of the Chronicle will go in the direction he did not wish for. Believe me that I enjoyed reading this book and with pleasure, I will read the other part of The Kingkiller Chronicle. I would recommend the book to all fans of fantasy but also to all lovers of good books.


My review of The Passage (The Passage # 1) by Justin Cronin

My rating 4.1

The book, The Passage (The Passage # 1) by Justin Cronin is a prime example of an excellently written story that the reader draws and draws to read. Although the story is dark because the whole world is experiencing apocalypse enormity scale, the book tells the story about people who find themselves in these catastrophic times, who are struggling for daily survival even though the survival conditions are minimal. But in moments in the book I have too many descriptions that sometimes draw attention to the main story, despite everything in the story have tense and the reader does not know who will survive and who dies. In some parts of the book, I have a sense of how a writer literally deliberately kills some protagonists from the book to keep the story from spreading. Regardless, this is a very good book with a post-apocalyptic story featuring vampires – Viral. We should be honestly afraid of what the story tells us because in laboratories controlled by the government and the army who knows what is being investigated to destroy the “enemy”. In this book, one such research has gone catastrophically and the world has become the place of hell overnight. Since in each summary of the book you have a description of the book I do not intend to recount the story of the book, I just want to say that we have to keep it of human stupidity because it is undetectable. The book tells us what would happen if a crazy experiment went out of control and turned Earth into a place where the human species would be food. The characters and story in the book are well elaborated, if you love stories about vampires and post-apocalyptic world, this is a book for you. I would like to recommend the book to all lovers of horror, dystopia and post-apocalyptic science fiction.


Silver Dagger Book Tour and Giveaway

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Poem from my love poetry book


Kiss me

Like the warm wind conveys a dandelion

Across all the fields of flowers,

To the desired land where I’ll find my dreams

And be born a new man.


Embrace me

As snow hugs the mountain peaks

And convey me like a rapid

Through the dreamy rocky canyon,

And to a lake where I can see the eyes of a woman in love.


Look at me

Like the sky watches the sea

Let our looks be united in the same colors,

For our life dives into the blue depth,

At which we look for our connected fate.