My review “Children (The Ten Worlds, # 1)” by Bjørn Larssen

My rating 4.5

The fantasy book “Children (The Ten Worlds, # 1)” by Bjørn Larssen is a very good book related to Nordic mythology. The writer takes us to the worlds of the Nordic gods where we follow their children and their stories. The world of the ten worlds is very well elaborated and the plot takes us through some of these areas, and the writer did a very good job of describing every detail and area through the story. In some places in the story, I had a good laugh because some of the characters are just so silly, and sometimes naively uncorrupted. As for the love scenes in the book among the Nordic gods, there is a very great variety of choices, so all the choices will be found in the book in terms of love. The main and supporting characters are well worked out and every action they make has its consequences. All in all, this is a very good book for fans of the fantasy genre.

Now a little about the story: The main story follows Maya, the daughter of the goddess Freya and Magni, the unrecognized son of Thor. Their lives are intertwined because of the behind-the-scenes games of the Nordic gods who have no smarter job than to constantly create tensions among the ten worlds. Unfortunately, neither Maya nor Magni knows what they got involved in, not by their own choice, because the Nordic gods are behind all the events. Maya gets Thor’s stolen thief from the hooded sorcerer and gives it to the king who wants to marry her mother Freya at all costs. Normally this action provokes the wrath of the god’s Tor who is the protector of Asgard. Maya runs away from the king who tries to rape her and meets Magni. Simultaneously fickle and deceitful, Loki comes with Frey to the king’s court. The very appearance of Loki can only mean one thing, something bad will happen. Maya and Magni will find themselves at the center of all these happenings as innocent bystanders and their life paths will find themselves on the chessboard of God’s players. In all this commotion the two of them will have to find their way and it is only a question of what price they will pay at the end of that journey.

I would recommend the book to fantasy lovers associated with Nordic mythology.

Ghosts, YA- adventure

My review of “7 Spirits, 4 Friends” by David MacNamera

My rating 4.6

The book “7 Spirits, 4 Friends” by David MacNamera is a super fun YA adventure story about ghosts. The story takes us across several continents where four friends want to unravel a secret that has been hidden for hundreds of years. The descriptions of the places where the action takes place are great and the characters are well described and lively. The book draws you into the story, the characters are very well developed as are the spirits associated with them so you wait with anticipation for what will happen. The story is very interesting and I read it with pleasure.

The story itself takes us to Amsterdam for an International Spiritual Conference where four friends meet, Gus, Flora, Consuela, and Niiro. Each of them came to the conference for personal reasons, but will soon realize that their reasons are quite related. During the Spiritual The conference, they learn about the Centuries Prize and unite in order to reveal the secret because each of them is good in a particular spiritual domain. Especially when all the ghosts with whom each of them are connected in some special way appear in Flora’s rented room while they are doing a joint session. The path of discovering the Centuries Prize will lead them through the whole of Europe, but on that path, evil follows in their footsteps, wanting to thwart their plans.

I would recommend the story to all lovers of ghosts, spiritual and adventure. Although this is a YA book I think it will appeal to all readers who love this genre.

Sci Fi

My review of “Dymon’s Lair” by Darrell B. Nelson

My rating 4.5

The sci-fi book “Dymon’s Lair” by Darrell B. Nelson is fun and simply draws you to read it. Although the action takes place in the near future, the story could be set in our time as well. It generally only tells us that some people are willing to do with our world just for profit. We are witnessing this even today, because human lives are just numbers for many corporations where profit and money are most important. This world of ours is slowly losing its soul and money is becoming a deity worshiped by people like the character of Dymon. Money is power and some people are obsessed with ruling the world at all costs. I just honestly don’t know where this will take us, but everything is going in a direction that is not promising. All the characters are well elaborated and the locations well described. The writer definitely worked out the alien species that are in the crew and I quite enjoyed the story.

Now a little about the story: Fleeing from the galactic authorities, the crew of the Fallon’s Angel ends up in our Solar System due lacking of fuel. In addition to fleeing the galactic authorities they are in mortal danger and from the Organization dealing with murky affairs and if they do not deliver the shipment one of the crew members must kill them. Realizing that they lack the time and resources to drive Captain Kalila decides to contact the most powerful man Dymon on the planet for help. Unfortunately, Dymon is anything but a normal person and he tries to make the most of the deal with the aliens. Captain Kalila will find herself in a status quo situation because without his help they cannot leave our solar system. Kalila is in a moral dilemma whether to allow the psychopath to rule the world by force or to sacrifice herself and the entire crew.

I would recommend the book to fans of SF and political intrigue.

Dystopia, Poetry, Sci Fi

My review “Cruel Summer”, Bernard Jan

My rating 4.7

With the book “Cruel Summer”, Bernard Jan came out of his previous style of writing and, to my great surprise, he started writing a dystopian story. He wrote it perfectly and introduced us to the world of New York skaters like an experienced science fiction writer.
The world in which the main character Michael lives is anything but perfect, he loves skateboarding and hangs out with a few lunatics who love skateboarding. Michael is preparing for the competition and is very good at what he does, since losing his mother skateboarding is what he lives for. Unfortunately, his stepfather has completely different plans for him and Michael will find himself in a whirlwind of events that will disrupt all his plans. The dark past will surface like a tsunami and will affect him and everyone around him. As the title of the book suggests it will be a cruel summer and trust me the book will not leave you indifferent.
The book touches on many aspects of life hidden from the public, such as domestic violence, experiments on the edge of science, climate change, love, greed for money, and the brutal reality in which young people sacrifice their bodies for money. This dystopian novel follows seventeen-year-old Michael, so it could be said that it is a YA story but it is much more than that because this is much more serious science fiction with elaborate characters and serious problems that young generations face. Nothing is black and white, there are too many shades of gray everywhere.
At the end of the book is a real surprise in which Bernard Jan shows another hidden passion as a writer. But you will have to find out for yourself when you read the book.